Puri Artha Hotel

Puri Artha Hotel Type : 3 Star Hotel
Lokasi : Yogyakarta
Alamat : Jl.Cendrawasih 36, Demangan Baru, Yogyakarta - 55281, Indonesia
Telepon : +62 274 563288
Fax : +62 274 562765
Email : marketing@puriarthahotel.com, fom@puriarthahotel.com
Website : http://puriarthahotel.com/

In a unique ambiance of Javanese and Balinese tradition, the 3 star Puri Artha Hotel is fully decorated with both Javanese and Balinese cultural blends. Each room has verandah facing a beautiful garden creating atmosphere, guest has never experienced before through their journey.

Puri Artha Hotel is located in the heart of Yogyakarta. Only 7 kms from airport, 3 kms from the railway station, 4 kms from the bus station and 3.5 kms from the famous Malioboro shopping center. Puri Artha Hotel is your nice base for Yogyakarta tour such as Borobudur tour, Prambanan tour and any Yogyakarta travel program.

Many say that the history of Java begins in Yogyakarta. It is no wonder, then, if the town is widely known as the center of Javanese Civilization. Spreadly lying just in the middle between The Indian Ocean in the south and mount Merapi in the north, this special province stores hundreds of historical remains among which are the Hindu Temple of Prambanan, The Moslem Sultan palace and the Buddhist Temple Borobudur, one among the eight wonders in the world.

Puri Artha Hotel offers various hotel facilities : Pasiraman Swimming Pool, Chandra Restaurant and Chandri Bar, artshop, parking area, banquet and conference facilities, laundry, and room service.

Enjoy your stay at Puri Artha Hotel.


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  • Yogyakarta (HO) : 081392540000
    • HOS Cokro : 081227091222
    • Gejayan : 081578552222
    • Jakal : 08176884433
  • Purwokerto : 081315442219
  • Magelang : 087734148477
  • Salatiga : 0818325111
  • Madiun : 081227473333
  • Klaten : 085865339973
  • Solo : 081802799001

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